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Mercaptan Mask

  1. Used for years for instant masking of gas odorant orders. Available in Cherry and Pina Colada scents.
    Since 1966 the M Chemical Company has been a recognized leader in the natural gas and propane odorant market. Safe, timely, odor-free deliveries, highly trained delivery technicians, easy to reach customer support and many collective years of experience make M Chemical the first choice in odorant supply.

Why Choose M Chemical?

High Quality Odorants

  1. M Chemical supplies 15 different blends of natural gas and propane odorants for gas quality and temperature variations. Specialty blends are also available.

Secure Supply

  1. M Chemical has a secure and ample supply of all odorants for ready delivery whenever and wherever you need it.

Bulk Delivery: Any Quantity. Any tank size.

  1. All bulk shipments are by closed loop system ensuring an odor-free delivery. Bulk deliveries are available in all volumes – form micro-bulk to 6000 gallons. No customer is too big. No customer is too small.

Transfer Services

  1. M Chemical services and fills all farm taps, domestic odorizers and small industrial plant odorizers. M Chemical can also transfer cylinders to customer’s tank; perform tank-to-tank transfers and remove odorant from customer’s tank.

Odorant Masking Agents

  1. Our Mercaptan Mask line of spray masking agents instantly deodorizes natural gas and propane odorants. Mercaptan Mask is available in Cherry and Pina Colada scents.

Odorant Training Courses

  1. M Chemical offers on-site training courses that include all aspects of odorization: product handling, safety, equipment, record keeping, maintenance and regulatory compliance.