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As the world’s leading supplier of catalysts, MCHEMICAL has unsurpassed expertise in the development of emission control technologies for a wide range of market applications that protect the air we breathe. This expertise enabled MCHEMICAL to pioneer the development of the first catalytic converter for automobiles in the 1970’s and our line of emissions catalysts today.

Sulfur Recovery Catalysts

Claus Catalyst

Promoted Claus Catalysts

Titania Claus Catalysts

CoMo Tail Gas Catalysts

Syngas Catalysts

M CHEMICAL offers technologies for the following applications

  • HDS Catalyst
  • Zinc Oxide and other desulfurization technologies
  • Pre Reforming Catalysts
  • HTS and LTS Catalysts
  • Methanation Catalysts

Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalysts (Spa Catalysts)

  • High performance Solid Phosphoric Acid catalysts for Tubular and Chamber reactors.